What Are Some Options for Home Security Systems?

When it comes to home security systems there are so many options available it can make your head spin. Making the decision on which type of system is right for you isn’t always easy. Here is a brief explanation of some home security systems available to help you in the decision-making process.

What Are Some Options for Home Security Systems?
  1. Door and window chimes – these are basic battery-operated alarms that will alert you when a door or window is opened in your home. They are great if you have children, or if you want peace of mind when you are home alone. These systems are also helpful in monitoring specific points of entry in your home. When an area is breached, you will be able to quickly determine which area it is and correct the situation.
  2. Motion detectors – used in combination with door and window chimes, motion detectors will alert you if someone has entered your home. They are also helpful in alerting you if a child is active at night, or if you have a sleepwalker.
  3. Wireless home security systems without monitoring – These are complete systems available through a security company or a local retailer. They offer several entry defenders, motion detectors, and a central keypad to activate or deactivate the system. You can have it installed for you, or install yourself. They will sound an audible alarm when one of the points of entry to your home is breached, but do not offer monitoring by an outside company, or alerts if there is a fire or other emergency in your home.
  4. Video surveillance system without monitoring – This type of system includes video cameras and monitors that allow you to view different areas of your home from one central monitor inside your home. They might also include entry defenders that will sound an alarm if an entry is breached, such as a window or door.
  5. Home security system with monitoring – Available through a security company, these systems offer you the additional peace of mind of having your home monitored in case of emergency, or while you are gone. Not only do they sound an audible alarm to alert anyone in or around your home, but they also immediately alert the security company if there is a breach or an emergency. Some systems offer additional security against fire, flood, or carbon monoxide leaks in your home. The company will attempt to contact you, and if they are unable to reach you, and the company will contact the proper authorities to investigate your emergency. These systems are especially helpful if you are frequently absent from your home, or if you live in an area with a high crime rate.
  6. Video surveillance system with monitoring – Similar to a monitored home security system with monitoring, these systems offer the added security of video technology. They are either monitored by an outside company, or monitored by an in-house security team. These systems are especially beneficial to those in a high-risk area, or individuals at high-risk, such as celebrities or politicians. They provide immediate security and assistance in an emergency or security breach.
What Are Some Options for Home Security Systems?

When you determine the system that will work best for you, you can purchase the system at a home retailer or through a home security company. You can have it installed for you or you can do it yourself. The more simple systems are fairly easy to install yourself. The more complex systems, however, will require some skill to ensure they are installed properly. If you decide to use a security company, you can get further help in deciding which company you would prefer by checking their reputation with the Better Business Bureau, and by reading their reviews online.

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