What Are the Benefits of Using Security Alarm Companies?

When considering an alarm system for your home, you most likely are also considering whether or not to use a security alarm company or handle it on your own. There are several advantages to using a security alarm company, though. Here are a few examples of the different benefits.

Improved security

With a security alarm system installed in your home, you decrease the chances of potential burglary to your home. When a burglar sees evidence that you have an alarm in your home, most likely they will bypass your home. If a burglar does decide to enter your home, you increase the chance that he will be caught if you have an alarm.

Wireless options

There are several different types of alarm systems available on the market today. Some require wiring through your house, and some are wireless. The wireless option is becoming increasingly popular, the biggest reason being it can be more easily installed by the layperson. With wired systems, you have to deal with holes being cut into your walls, window sills, and door jambs. Also, it is easy for a burglar to cut your phone wire to disable the system from contacting the security alarm company. This fact alone makes them extremely susceptible to failure. Wired systems also have the potential for increased failure due to faulty wiring or connections.

What Are the Benefits of Using Security Alarm Companies?

Most security alarm companies offer wireless systems so there are no wires to deal with, and no holes. They can be easily installed by yourself, saving you installation costs.


What good is it to have a home security system installed if there is nobody to respond to the alarm? The biggest reason to have a security system installed is to prevent burglary, or complete loss of property due to fire or flood. With no monitoring, the alarm will make noise, but if you are not home to respond there will be no emergency services summoned to your home. You could depend on a neighbor to make the call, but your neighbors may not be home, or they may not hear the alarm and call emergency services in a timely manner. This leaves your home, your belongings, and possibly even your personal well-being susceptible.

Security alarm companies can offer you 24/7 monitoring of your home. This can include monitoring for burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, and flood. When the alarm is activated, they will attempt a phone call to verify that there is an emergency. If they are unable to reach you, emergency services are called to your home to help. This added feature provides a tremendous amount of peace of mind.

Whole Home System

When you call a security alarm company they will most likely schedule an appointment to come to your home and perform a complete evaluation. They will check all windows, doors, outside doors, and garage or basement access points. They will be able to provide you with an estimate that includes all areas that will require a monitoring device, which types of devices to include, and the costs of installation and monitoring.

What Are the Benefits of Using Security Alarm Companies?

A system that is purchased through a retail store and installed on your own will most likely provide a limited number of monitoring devices to install in your home. You then have to decide in which areas you will place the devices, and which areas you will leave vulnerable. If you are unable to monitor all windows, for example, a burglar could easily bypass the front door and gain entry to your home through a window. You need to make sure you have all areas covered in your home to ensure complete safety and security.

Professional installation

Attempting to install an alarm system yourself could prove disastrous. If you do not follow the installation instructions properly or do not understand them, your system could potentially fail in several different ways. Improper placement of the monitoring devices could mean that your system will not activate when an area is breached. If you use a wired system, there is the potential for wires that are not properly installed, faulty connections, and improper monitoring. You could also potentially not connect the keypad properly. With a wireless system, incorrect installation is still possible. If you do not have the system lined up correctly, the signal might not reach the alarm when there is a breach or other emergency.

What Are the Benefits of Using Security Alarm Companies?

Having your system installed by a professional security alarm company will help to ensure that your system will work properly. You can also further guarantee that your system is in proper working order by hiring a company that is licensed and certified by the Electronic Security Association’s (ESA) National Training School (NTS).If your system does fail or you experience issues with it, the company that installs it will be able to correct the situation for you, or replace a part or the whole system, if needed.

Additional Incentives

Having a home alarm system that is monitored by a security alarm company also provides additional benefits. Most home insurance companies will offer discounts to homeowners with an alarm system on their home, and further discounts for monitoring services. Sometimes they will offer additional discounts for the amount of monitoring available, such as burglary, fire, and carbon monoxide monitoring. It can also help you to keep your home insurance. Many insurance companies will limit the amount of claims you can file. If you live in a high risk area, and have to file a couple of claims, the insurance company may require you to install an alarm with monitoring in order to continue your coverage.


As you can see, there are several benefits to using a security alarm company. The greatest of benefits, though, is peace of mind. There is a tremendous sense of security that comes with knowing that someone is watching your home and helping to protect your family’s well-being. With the added benefit of monitoring for fire, carbon monoxide, or medical alerts, you can have an even greater assurance that you are providing the utmost in safety and security for you and your family. Protecting your home and valuables is important, but protecting yourself and your family is priceless.

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